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Tung Kuang Industrial Joint Stock Company mainly produces aluminium extrusions used to make aluminium doors, aluminium partitions, curtain wall used to build skyscrapers, production of aluminium in industry as aluminium pipes, heat sinks, electronic components, car accessories, motorcycles, bicycles and etc in all kinds of aluminum household utensils such as aluminium ladders, aluminum furniture, porches, aluminum cupboards, aluminium medical instruments and etc. In addition, Tung Kuang invests the production line of aluminium composite panels used in the conductive aluminium plate, aluminium sheet for use in cold storage. With modern production lines and high technology application from the parent company in Taiwan, Tung Kuang receives orders including: aluminium mould, extrusion aluminium bar, anodizing, coating, processing and installing aluminium frames and aluminium doors in the construction site.


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Area Tel Skype Email
TK BienHoa +84-2513-836688 tungkuangbh thêm tungkuangbh@gmail.com
TK NhonTrach +84-2513-569569   tungkuangnhontrach@gmail.com

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