Production Process


From the mould making and design till extruding to every knid of products we have a digital producing line.

1. Melting :


Imported from Australia and the component is getting to 99.8% and the producing line is also adding  Homogeneity reactor is suitable for some speciall Alu. Alloy.
Tung Kuang will abosolutely not use the recycle Alu material.

All the alu material have to be passed by Spectrometer analysis its ingredient to keep the high quality alu products to meet American related industry aluminum and building aluminum product requested


2. Extrusion:

Our extrusiom eqipment is from 500 tons to 2500 tons can meet every kinds of usuage like constructive, Industrial, family use. The average producing amount per month 700 -800 tons.

For make sure our products quality every extrusion products have very strickly inspected system like All manages special commissioner to use the electronic bracket, the sclerometer test examination.
This company still provided the sclerometer and the electric conduction reflectoscope reflector examines the request specially high aluminum.
3. Anodizing:

The surface treatment is directly effect the life of alu., so we strickly request the Anodizing on the surface sould not be less 10 µ and its acid resistance get 50 second up.
Besides spreads 7 µ thick epithelia to cause the product artistic again, to glisten, the corrosion resistance, to bear is exposed to the sun and rain, guarantees lifetime of the product.

This company is also uses the natural pigment. and have to exam the anodizing product its thickness reaches the standard only then to permit leaving the plant.

4. Powder Coating:

Powder Coating equipment we imported from German could coated
At any kind of sharp products on its surfacce and the color will not effected by the environment.
The standard thickness of the powder coating is 70 - 120 µ
5. Warehouse: 
The warehouse location passes broadly crisply, suits luminously. Modernization rapid attire delivering device, equips the force ventilator, lets the product maintains the dry condition frequently, the raspberry is not wet. The above merit is the warehousing goods the ideal conditions.