Nhơn Trạch Factory


Address: No. 25B Road, Nhon Trach I Industrial Park, Nhon Trach Distric, Dong Nai Province.
Area: 100.700m2.
Phone: 061 – 3569256
Fax: 061 – 3569259
  • Extrusion machine:2100ton, 660ton
  • Composite making machine
Owing to the growing of market we expend our producing ability to build Nhon Trach factory . And  this invested plan by three phase. The first phase invested USD 10,000,000 and now already start into running per month its producing ability we can get 700 tons. Wait till all of the project finished we estimated our producing ability can get over 2,500 tons
Except that the enhancement of producing ability, the company was still diverse demand of development raw material and the product in accordance to customer requested, for example: Electric conduction of aluminum sheet, the refrigerator the mechanical and electrical line of use with the aluminum sheet, the automobile, the locomotive, the bicycle use the aluminum product; Specially joins in the name has products of the especially many outstanding performance: The aluminum composite panel. This product to serve product of specially the industrial architecture diversification recent development. This company contributes funds unceasingly increases the mechanical device to expand the productive phase to be able to increase the earning, the diversification and sustained development business.