Nhon Trach Factory



Address: 25B Street, Nhon Trach Industrial Zone 1, Phu Hoi Ward, Nhon Trach Dist., Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

Area: 100.758m2.

Phone:     +84(251)356.9256            Fax:     +84(251)356.9259

Email: tungkuang@tungkuang.com.vn or 


Website:  http://tungkuang.com.vn/



             9 Extrusion machines with different sizes:

     - 3 x 690 ton     - Alloy Diameter: 4.5 inch

      - 1 x 1000 ton   - Alloy Diameter: 5 inch

     - 1 x 1100 ton   - Alloy Diameter: 5 inch

     - 1 x 1450 ton   - Alloy Diameter: 6 inch

     - 1 x 1800 ton   - Alloy Diameter: 7 inch

     - 1 x 2100 ton   - Alloy Diameter: 7 inch

     - 1 x 3400 ton   - Alloy Diameter: 10 inch

  Aluminum extrusion line

            1 powder coating line (12 meters) and 1 powder coating line for short product. Tung Kuang is the only company in Viet Nam operating these powder coating lines.

Powder coating line

Besides of Anodzing and Powder Coating, our Tung Kuang has just invested in the polishing machine, giving customers more options for their aluminum products surface treatment.

To meet the demand for processed aluminum products such as welding, drilling, and punching, the company has purchased additional equipment and machinery including: automatic welding roboot, punching machine, and drilling machine.


                                                   - Product inspection process

The production of aluminum products is carefully checked by the QC department before being stored for shipment. Tung Kuang has equipped a number of machines for product quality control to achieve the best quality to meet customers' requirements.

 Aluminum alloy analyzer machine

  Tensile - hardness testing machine

 Surface quality testing machine 

With the growing of domestic and foreign  aluminum market demand, especially in Vietnam's aluminum bar market, the Tung Kuang Nhon Trach branch continues to expand our factory to reach the needs of expanding production. 

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